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Sustainability Report

Sustainability reports are mandatory for larger companies and represent an opportunity to show, with facts and figures, how your company actually implements its principles.

15 March 2024 | Share:

Sustainability reports are becoming increasingly important for companies that strive to be both financially sound and ecologically aware. If you represent such a company, you will also know that drawing up such a report is a two-sided coin. It can enhance your prestige – or damage it if the document conveys inadequate messages or is simply expressed (translated) by inexperienced people.

Let’s take some examples.

  • You’re a medium-large company and this is your first Sustainability Report;
  • you’re looking for a trusted translator or multilanguage team, with: specific experience, feedback of customer satisfaction, examples of works done
  • you may need to coordinate timing – Sustainability Reports can be lengthy, and can take up to a month to translate;
  • you may want some advice on how to move forward in terms of type of file to share for the quotation stage and then for the project;
  • you wish to optimise the positive effects that the translated Report can bring to your company’s image.


Lexitrad – background

  • We began in the early 1990s with Annual Reports and Financial Statements for companies such as Gruppo Coin, Venice Airport and Italian banks;
  • First Sustainability Reports in the 2010s, the most recent ones published here: Gruppo Save Bilancio Sostenibilità (IT), San Marco Group (EN), Eurotreplast (EN, ES, FR, DE)


More about these clients:

  • The SAVE Group (turnover about 200mln euro) takes in the international airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona and Brescia, as well as Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Belgium. It stands out as a leader in Europe for eco sustainability;
  • San Marco Group (122mln) is the leading manufacturer of paints, wall and floor seamless coverings and exterior wall-insulation systems;
  • Euro3plast SpA (15mln) has been making house and pots, planters and similar items for the retail gardening sector, with recent success under the Plust brand which markets designer interior furnishing items for luxury hospitality and entertainment venues, and private homes. They published their first Sustainability Report in 4 languages.


The Lexitrad team’s commitments.

  • Guaranteed delivery date;
  • Coordination with your team over any doubts deriving from the source text. Knowledge-sharing among translator experts;
  • Guaranteed results in terms of brand image enhancement;
  • Optimised costs, with special discount for internationalised companies.


Don’t leave it to improvisation: trust the experts!

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