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A range of services and subject areas

At lexitrad, we provide services based on your needs.

Administrative area

This area includes papers needed to be translated because (let's give just three examples!):
- you're getting married in Italy and one or both partners need a CONI (Certificate Of No Impediment) to be translated and sworn at your Comune;
- you're British and applying for dual nationality (Police/ACRO report of no criminal proceedings)
- you're Italian and applying for a visa for the UK.

I can help you with all of these because I have experience.
And because customers are happy to provide reviews about my work:,12.3677742,16z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x477eb441ea406b29:0x9e7fc8e5eb6acc5f!8m2!3d45.5802598!4d12.363846!9m1!1b1?hl=it&authuser=0
And because I charge only what's necessary. Luckily, I always have a lot of work on for corporate clients so I my "mission" for you as a private customer is to guide you so you optimise time and costs.

Court translation (interpreting)

This leads on usually from the "administrative" area, and is simply the service of taking a translation to the local court to swear on oath that I've done a good job.
There is some legal jargon to know here, so read this bit well!
"requesting authority": the state or other official organisation (academic, for example) that wants to see an impartial translation of your important document;
"sworn translation": a translation sworn on oath at an Italian court is requested by an *Italian* requesting authority. I prepare the documents and drive to beautiful Treviso and its court, queue up for a while, and am then received by a clerk who verifies my identity and checks that the document is properly prepared (original + translation + oath, all stapled together and with rubber stamps "joining" them). It involves a revenue stamp (16 euros at the time of writing) per 4 sheets of paper. In Italian, the oath-taking is called an "asseverazione" or a "traduzione giurata". Because the oath sheet is in Italian, these documents are NOT used outside Italy because the oath in Italian can be not accepted by a requesting-authority official who doesn't know the Italian language; stands to reason, really!;
"certified translation": this is a translation that is NOT sworn at an Italian court and is simply my statement (or "self-certification") printed at the end of my translation, giving my identity, address, and other details. I can either sign a print-out as a "wet-ink" signature or (and here comes the good part) I can generate a PDF document with my signature in it, to be returned, hey presto, via email. The whole job does involve the task of making up a PDF in a similar way to the version printed for the court however the usefulness is apparent: faster, no queuing (i.e. cost) at the court, no revenue stamp, and no onward posting to you wherever you may be. My self-certified translations are intended for the NON-Italian requesting authorities, so for example the UK immigration authorities who want to see bank statements of those who want to apply for a visa to work in the UK.
Apostille: otherwise known as "legalisation". The important distinction between a "sworn translation" and a "legalised document" is that the former is done by a private translator like me, while the latter is done by a state official. The legalisation of document is therefore NOT a certification of a translation. It is the certification that (deep breath) the signature of the state official who signed your official certificate is actually a true signature.

All clear? If not, just call me and we'll go through it together depending on your specific case. And there are a lot of them!

Corporate communication

If you're reading this in English, you're perhaps not interested but here goes anyway: I've been working since 1992 full-time for all sorts of companies, translating and enhancing with copywriting skills a whole swathe of the communication materials: presentations, corporate mission, website, brochures, DEM, long copy, short copy, you-name-it copy, and all in the name of helping customers better understand what kind of company they are dealing with. I won't list here all the client companies but just a few: Acqua Minerale San Benedetto (several ad campaigns for this company with sales of about 800,000 million euros), Lotto Sport Italia, Venice Airport (comprising Treviso, Verona, Brescia airports too)

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